Hydraulics Advantages

Hydraulics-AdvantageHydraulics is more efficient than an equivalent mechanical system.

  • A hydraulic system is generally small and compact but with very large output force.
  • Changing the actuator to a different size easily changes the amount of force output.
  • Hydraulics is versatile; a single power unit can operate many actuators. Most components can be mounted in any position.
  • Hydraulic systems are by nature expandable due to modular, component-based design.
  • Force limiting is a natural feature to hydraulic systems.
  • Stalling the actuator does no harm to the actuator or the system.
  • A hydraulic actuator can be started and stopped abruptly without damage to the components.
  • Hydraulics provides infinitely variable speed by flow adjustment.
  • Both linear and rotary motion is possible. Cylinders provide linear motion. Motors provide rotary motion.
  • Abruptly reversible force direction is another desirable feature of fluid power systems.
  • Durability – Hydraulic systems require fewer parts, making them more durable.
  • Cost – Hydraulic systems are much more cost efficient than pneumatic systems, because hydraulic systems offer much better efficiency of use



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